WW Niamh









WW Niamh










June 4th, 2019
Black Tobiano
WW The Night Watchman x Crystal The Heavy
Expected Hgt: 14 hands
GVHS#- GV07041
Color DNA- EE Tt n/W20
Pssm nn




With a pedigree that includes famous foundation bloodlines such as Lion King, Fionn mac Cumhaill, Paddy (IRE), and The Old Horse of Wales, excellence happens.  This filly has everything a proper Gypsy horse should have.  Whether you are looking for a flashy show mare or a broodmare for the betterment of the breed, you cannot go wrong with this filly.  Named after the Irish story of Fionn, Niamh is the fairy princess that takes Fionn’s son Oisin to the heaven like place of Tir~Na~Nog. 




















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