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Welcome to WillowWind Stable, where we are dedicated to breeding quality, proper Gypsy Vanner horses. Each horse holds a special place in our hearts, from our foundation mare, WW Sorcha, My Heart, to our original stallion, Fionn mac Cumhaill, and our beloved MoonPie and Josie. Join us on this journey as we continue to raise exceptional horses that will capture your imagination. Contact us today to learn more about our incredible Gypsy Vanner horses and discover the beauty of WillowWind Stable.

WW Sorcha, My Heart

Sorcha was the foundation mare we imported from Ireland. She retired as a broodmare in 2014, and when we showed her, she was the world’s perfect breed representative. She was my heart horse and is dearly missed.



DOB: 1998
Imported from Ireland
Height: 15
GVHS # GV00131F
Color: DNA- Tt EE
Pssm1 n/n
Pedigree (Link)

Fionn mac Cumhaill

Our original stallion that we imported from Ireland in 2002. You will forever be in our hearts. RIP our sweet Mister.


DOB: 1999
Sire: Paddy Horse (IRE)
Height: 14.1
Color DNA: Ee Tt
Pedigree (Link)

Superior’s Over The Moon

AKA MoonPie

Imported inutero from Wales in 2010. He was with us for a short amount of time but yet enough time for us to greatly love him and breed him for just 1 season. Until we meet again our sweet boy.


DOB: 11/25/10
Sire: Superior
Dam: NatWest daughter
Height: 14.1
Color DNA: Tt EE
pssm1 n/n
FIS n/n
Pedigree (Link)

WW Seosaimhthin

AKA Josie

Josie was born to us in 2005. She won the very first class of the very first GVHS show as a 12 week old filly. Josie has given us many great foals. She is now in a perfect retirement home with our friends in SC.

DOB: 5-24-2005
Sire: Fionn mac Cumhaill
Dam: WW Grainne
Height: 14.1
Color DNA: Ee Tt
Pedigree (Link)

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