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Here at WillowWind Stable, we are dedicated to breeding quality, Proper, Gypsy Vanner Horses.

With each match we put together, we expect nothing but perfection a year later with the birth of the foal.

The Travellers of Great Britain and Ireland have raised this horse for a special purpose, to pull their caravans, their works of art that they live in. These caravans would have every treasure that they would own in it, including their family. These horses must be a trusted part of the family, and because of this, their horse would become a great source of pride for them. 

WillowWind Stable has been raising Gypsy Vanners that the Travellers would be proud to own since 1999.

The history of the breed also includes the history of the people. The Travellers of Great Britain and Ireland had the need for a stout, power-packed horse that could not only pull a caravan full of their possessions as well as their children but also be the horse that their children could play with after a long day of traveling.
The Traveller’s Horse, aka Gypsy Vanner, Gypsy Cob, Irish Cob, was created in Ireland up to 200 yrs ago. The Traveller people would cross heavy pony breeds with the Shire and or Clydesdale. The process of creating 15 hands heavy cob with a small head and ear, feather, and heavy bone took many decades of skillful breeding. The Traveller’s horse is exquisite all on its own.

The caravan, much like the horse, was a priceless piece of art that was taken care of with love. Each caravan was unique to the family

Your journey begins here… 

Please come and share with us the joy of the Gypsy Vanner Horse.  

Our goal is to make those Travelling families proud of what we produce from our small herd here in Michigan.  

Please  call to schedule an appointment (517) 541-9908

For the Love of the Gypsy!

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