2022 Inutero Foals by Faugh~A~Ballagh

Price is $9,000

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Faugh a Ballagh

All these mares will be bred to this heavy, well-built stallion, Faugh-a-Ballagh. He is the only Gypsy Vanner of his color in the world that we are aware of as well as the ONLY 5 Star GVHS Rated homozygous cream stallion. 

Tegwyn Inutero
Trin Inutero
Josie Inutero
Cassie Inutero

Price is $8000


Ana Inutero
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Kelly B

This fall (2020) I decided I was finally ready to get the horse that was going to carry me into the last segment of my horse life. I have been a lifelong horsewoman and trained professionally since 1995.

I had worked with Gypsy Vanners in my career and really liked all they had to offer. I began my search online at the beginning of Covid lockdown, and eventually found Oberon (2018 Gypsy Gelding) for sale at Willow Wind. After an informative conversation with Mandy, I made an appointment to meet this handsome boy. He was actually the first one I  went to see in person on my search …. I convinced myself on the way there to just look, don’t do anything rash.  Well, he was perfect!

Such a sweet disposition, great manners, awesome correct gypsy confirmation, nice feet…. I have worked with hundreds of horses in my career and could tell this one was special. I put a deposit, had him vetted, and could not be happier!!!

The Kramers were very knowledgeable, ethical breeders with a super herd of mares.  Oberon’s  Sire  Faugh-a-Ballagh was amazing too. ( I got to meet him that day) I was impressed that they really wanted Oberon to be a good match for me as well. He has been a blast to work with, super engaged in anything I offer him to learn, patient, smart and willing. I can’t imagine finding a nicer young Gypsy to make into my personal riding horse and best buddy.

I highly recommend Willow Wind Stables to anyone looking to purchase a once in a lifetime Gypsy Vanner.

Clearpath Horsemanship

Jacki R

When we found Niamh, WillowWinds described her as a golden child!! And I have to say she is exactly as they described. Within 12 hours of having her, she was following me around the indoor ring without a lead shank on. She is possibly one of the best horses that have ever entered my barn. And I have to say WillowWinds produces high-quality horses!!!

Thank you WillowWinds for giving me the opportunity to own this fantastic horse!!! Jacki Rutledge

Roxy Barney

I purchased a beautiful mare from Willow Wind Stable this year. All their gypsies are top quality and I am proud that I was able to add one of them to my breeding program. They have been in business for a lot of years, are very nice people, and great to work with. I would recommend them to anyone wanting to purchase a quality gypsy at a very fair price. If you buy from them you will have a great experience and end up with a great addition to your home.


Forest Knights Gypsy Horses

Michelle R

“We purchased our second WillowWind Stables Gypsy Vanner this fall and I was very confident I was getting exactly what they represented in my new filly, WW Bryanne’s ad. She was very sweet, very well rounded, you could tell she had plenty of age-appropriate training. I came back to them for my next filly purchase because I knew their bloodlines pass on the ever desired laid-back attitudes that we all look for in this breed as well as impeccable confirmation!! Perfection!”

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